We're all asking the same questions...

We're all asking the same questions...

Yesteday - like everyday - I met two more women just like us: We're searching for basic, clear, reliable answers to what's going on in our bodies. From doctors telling us we need hysterectomies (because nothing else has worked, so why not try that?) to women wanting to know more about any relationship between various HRT options and cancers, we're all trying to get straightforward information, and we can't find it.

I even met a husband yesterday who said he wished Menopause Pro existed 5 years ago so that he could have read it and understood more of what what happening to his wife - and their marriage.

In January, the North American Menopause Society recognized the urgent need for a tool like Menopause Pro by stating that better education for providers AND patients could be provided through, "...the availability of a reputable, comprehensive, unbiased and up-to-date interactive portal that provides tailored information to help women better understand their options, risks, and benefits related to the management of a variety of menopausal symptoms..." That's us; that's why we're here.

Marilyn and I are embarking on this journey with you because we, too, need this information and were frustrated that every website spoke to our "inner goddesses" and our doctors didn't have time or the expertise to help us understand our choices and take back control of our lives. We needed Menopause Pro and, evidently, you do,too. And so do your friends. And so do their husbands...

What to expect when you're NOT expecting anymore is just as important as what to expect when you are since we're, on average, going to live more of our lives in a post-fertile, post-nesting and family-raising space. We have acquired talents, education and experience, relationships, and financial resources, and we're ready to move on to make a lasting impact. Create our own legacy. We can't let our biological upheavals get in the way of our relationships, next steps and next successes.

So, stay with us and share your suggestions on how Marilyn and I best build this community and resource for us. Tell us what you need to know and we'll get the answers because you're asking the same questions millions of other women are asking. We need smart answers are we want to take back control. Menopause Pro is yours to use and give you the tools you need to thrive.

Our love and hugs to you all,
​Julie and Marilyn